Pure Tinctoria takes pride in our eco-friendly products to add colour to your fabrics.

We sell natural dyes in its powder form and are:

1. Free from any health hazards and toxic materials.
2. Extracted completely from plants.
3. Safe for people and environment. These products do not contain any chemicals at all.

These natural dyes are concentrated, and its colours can be mixed generously with other dyes. This allows full customization of your color hues to meet your needs or preference – all without any adverse reactions.

Our products are guaranteed to be bestsellers and deliver incredible results. Here are some items you should watch out for:


* 25g Cutch.

The Cutch, aka Katha, tree produces an excellent dye that works well and can be used straight on wool and silk. Extracted from the bark and trunk of Acacia Catechu, your browns and pinks are undoubtedly natural.


* 25g Myrobalan.

The fruits of the Myrobalan or Harda trees (Terminalia chebula) can make cellulose fibres such as cotton or linen as yellow or as grey as you want them to be.


* 25g Oak Gall.

When the larvae of some gall wasps secrete fluids to oak leaves, the process results in the creation of oak gall. The extracted tannins from these leaves can turn fibres such as cotton and linen into beautiful yellows or greys.


* 25g Kamala.

While the Mallotus philippensis is a plant that has proven medicinal aid for eye diseases, tapeworm removal and leprous eruptions; it can also give your fabric a perfect touch of yellow.


* 10g Annatto.

We extract this dye from the red pulp coating the seeds of the achiote (Bixa orellana). As much as the Annatto can turn your food more scrumptious, this concentrated powder can give your fabric hints of vivid orange and peach colours.


We make sure we add more products to this list. Stay tuned.