3 Important Reasons To Get Your Hands On Natural Dye Extracts

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Natural dye extracts had given colour to millions of fabrics since the early times, even before the commercial dyes were developed.

While most commercial dye manufacturers will always push for their own, let me give you three reasons why it’s so important to use natural dye extracts.

1. Organic dyes can produce brilliant colours.


Extracted material from plants, animals and minerals can create bright colours, if not more vivid, like their commercial counterparts. You can also mix dyes to produce your preferred colour and hues.

Wood sources such as brazilwood, logwood and fustic cochineal dye, when used with rainwater, can give you fantastic colours when done right.

Madder can produce stronger reds while weld can give a touch of neon yellow to your fabric. If you prefer dark blues and indigo, go for woad.

2. You can control the use of mordants that go with each colour.


Natural dyes need mordants to allow its absorption onto the fabric, but not all of them. Some organic dyes already contain qualities that enable colour to bind, thus no need for mordants to help the colour bite into the textile.

For some that need absorption assistance, the use of chemicals can be arranged. Dyers can even opt for those herbal mordants extracted from myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula) and pomegranate (Punica Granatum).

3. Natural dyes are eco-friendly, renewable and safer.


When we add colour to our fabrics, I believe it is always best to keep things safe to the environment. While we can always opt for commercial synthetic dyes available in the market nowadays, going for organic dyes can give our Mother Nature some boost it needs.

You can even go the extra mile by planting some plant sources in your backyard. Thus, dyes become cost-effective too while friendly to our environment.

These are just three reasons and benefits to add more colour to life. Go green, go natural.