Pure Tinctoria. Dyes with a Heart.

Welcome to the home of eco-friendly, easy-to-use dyes, extracted to add more color to your life!

logo_When a textile designer, who goes about her business by carefully weaving, spinning and dyeing fabrics, also believes in great care of our environment while maximising profits, she brings innovation to life at the most Greenstar way possible.

She always tells and shows us that, “People can be creative without causing damage to Mother Nature. Life can be colourful without making the environment black and dead.”

Thus, Pure Tinctoria now exists.

Pure Tinctoria’s packaging is designed to be as ecologically-conscious and serious as it can be. We store our dyes in reclaimed plastic materials and ship them out in repurposed chlorine-free boxes protected inside by shredded newspaper. We even use biodegradable glue to secure our packages inside.

We, inspired by the owners who made this venture possible, thought we could never care enough for the environment. Not only our packaging is safe to the environment, but even our dyes are also made eco-friendly.

The owners also make time for dear individuals who are also interested in the business. They conduct seminars and workshops to extend their knowledge to the community.

Read on and have fun!