Pure Tinctoria

As textile designers, we care most about producing the best quality of fabrics that we can create. From the weaving process to its spinning, and of course, giving the material its colour.

But we never settle for just the mediocre. When we put our hearts on our products, we go the extra mile and add more value to our creation.

We care most about quality over quantity.

Here is where our organic dyes come in.

Organic dyes are extracted from natural sources, including plants and animals and minerals alike.

Pure Tinctoria. Dyes with a Heart.

Pure Tinctoria live up to our mission to promote the usage of organic dyes to help preserve and maximise the environment while maintaining safe and toxic-free resources to humans.

We rely less on chemicals by incorporating biodegradable materials. We reuse and repurpose materials from nature and create dyes that bring more colour to our lives.

Pure Tinctoria trusts in organic dyes' capacity to provide cost-effective alternatives to their commercial counterparts.

After all, quality need not be expensive.

Our natural dyes come from plant sources that can regenerate and renew themselves with proper care and maintenance. Thus, to promote our business, we also help to sustain the plant life.

Our care for the environment does not stop at getting these organic dyes extracted. We're always proud of our packaging, made with environmental consciousness and attention. We repurpose plastic bags, shred newspapers, reuse cardboard materials and tape items with organic glue.

We even extend ourselves to others who share the same passion through education, found in our blogs and newsletters. The owners of
Pure Tinctoria also takes their time to teach people, who are driven to learn, the techniques and best practices, including tips on which dye work best with particular mordants.